Additive Appliance is an award-winning startup developing Additive Manufacturing-related Intellectual Property for the next generation of consumer goods.

We leverage the latest Additive Manufacturing and Digital Technologies to engineer top-performing, highly sustainable, and personalizable solutions designed to enhance customers' experience –thus improving everyday living.

Metamaterials Technology

Our applications all exploit the same technology principle, what industry experts call metamaterials, architected materials, or material-by-design. It is a complex interplay of topology, material distribution, and constituent material behavior.

 The material-by-design approach builds on the current rapid advancements of additive manufacturing, which can produce novel material systems across many length scales and with multiple functionalities. 

It is a proven and powerful way to create products with tailored, often unprecedented performances.

Thermal Metamaterials

Structural Metamaterials

Flow Metamaterials

Next-gen Metamaterials

Partnering with selected Corporate Partners, we aim to bring this powerful approach into consumer goods, creating better-performing solutions that deliver tangible gain creators and enhanced customer experiences ––while significantly reducing CO2 footprints

Full sustainability and people's well-being are the ultimate drivers of our vision.

Ingenuity is our attitude, and Intellectual Property is among our most valued assets. The team has over 50yrs of combined business and research experience; those include successful entrepreneurial activities, cutting-edge research in applied physics and computational fluid dynamics, and international executive roles in Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Appliances Best AM Startup in Italy

The project has been announced as a winner of the Additive Startup Challenge.

The award, sponsored by AM Ventures and assigned by a jury of technical experts and investors, recognises the company among the most promising startups in the country's AM-ecosystem.

TCT Awards Finalist

Awarded as the second most-innovative project of 2023 in the prestigious TCT Awards

The project "AMbelievable™ | Additive Manufacturing <> Unbelievable Performances" ranked second (behind Microsoft) and received a highly commended mention, in the consumer products category. Finalists of the 2023 edition also included HP, Shapeways, Formlabs, and Massivit 3D.

The startup has been granted EU funding (Horizon 2020 Framework) via the Digital Innovation Hub World to develop one of its vertical applications.

The project "3D Printed Heat Exchanger for Household Coffee Machines" was presented in collaboration with Kilometro Rosso Innovation District (grant agreement No 952176).

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